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Do you compete in road races, mud and obstacle course races, play recreational sports, cycle, triathlon, or just want to improve overall conditioning and burn mega calories????? INTRODUCING…..


*NEW Spring Session: April 8- May 15
2x per week every Tuesday-Thursday 6-7am
6 weeks- ONLY $240!
Space is limited. All ability levels welcome. RAIN OR SHINE.

Learn how to:

  • Improve running economy and efficiency
  • Reduce the risk of overuse injury
  • Improve running mechanics: stride length and frequency
  • Increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness

Spring Speed Camp 2014 training sessions are held outside and will cover proper warm-up, speed and agility drills, overall conditioning, and a cool-down with stretch. 


Fill out the contact form for more info.

Quick feet!

Acceleration drills, band-resisted sprints

Resisted Lateral Shuffle





The Devilgirl’s reality check

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Here’s Laura Dargus’s first 2014 blog. Let’s check in to see how she is doing……..

My cup(s) runneth over…

One thing I’ve learned so far in this New Year: Do not schedule your annual physical to immediately follow the holidays, lest you get a weight loss lecture from you practitioner despite five months’ hard work—well, four months’ hard work, considering December was a draw. I admittedly fell off the logging wagon and overindulged in alcoholic beverages (show of hands who’s surprised by this?). Despite that, I maintained my numbers until the last week of vacation, following a serious bout of cabin fever. The last straw was when I noticed my bras weren’t fully wrangling the girls. If my boobage had increased, so had my fat ratio. Damn.

I was suffering from some serious winter apathy: Netflix binges, warming boozy salves, and a general lack of exercise thanks to commuting by car and a disruption of routine. Infrequent visits to Raw Fitness Performance were weighing (ha!) on me, too.

For 2014 Jane had us each record a goal. On the ass end of my doctor’s visit vanity kicked in, and I set a weight-based goal… without a deadline. I came in the following week to see my answer had been flagged. I needed to set a date by which I was to see that number on the scale. Uggggggh, you want me to be serious about this? To actually commit to myself? My whiny state of mind was annoying even me, but sure was easier/more comfortable than stepping up.

Then I remembered my best friend is getting married at the end of June. In Phoenix. I’m to be a bridesmaid, and there will be a critical mass of photographic evidence. I want neither to be a sweaty Betty nor secretly pick apart the pictures featuring moi. In order to reach my goal of 15 pounds in five months, I’d have to make cumulative progress of 3 pounds a month. Unprecedented thus far, but doable.

So, this week I took the bike in to get a checkup/fender. I’m starting slow, commuting to appointments in the city, one leg of a trip home. And while it’s frustrating how hard it is to ride compared to in the fall, I feel 150% better about myself and in general. I also forgot how much glee I derive showing up places flushed and slightly askew; like a kid who’s just been called inside for dinner. Because I’m a grown up about things and such. Obviously.

Raw Bites: Chew on THIS!

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Three important steps need to be considered in order to reap the seeds you have sown through resistance training in order to optimize performance:

  • Energy Phase:  Pre-Workout Snack is muy importante. Instrumental in fueling the training session. Recommendation is to consume 80-100 calories (20-25g) of easily digestible (high glycemic) carbohydrates (CHO) combined with about 20 calories (5g) of lean protein (PRO) about 30 minutes prior to the training session. Trust me, you’ll feel much more energized in the workout! And you will avoid the embarrassing crash that happens when you pass out during the training session because the tank is empty.

Suggested foods:
English muffin + 1TBL peanut butter
3/4c corn flakes + 6oz 1% milk
8oz orange juice + 1 string cheese
1oz (1/4c) raisins + 1oz (about 15) cashews

  • Recovery Phase I:  Post-Workout Snack, also muy importante! This phase is known as the “window of opportunity.” The time from the end of the workout to approximately 30-45 minutes after the conclusion. Recommendation is to consume 160-200 calories (40-50g) of easily digestible (high glycemic) carbohydrates (CHO) combined with about 60 calories (15g) of lean protein (PRO) to take advantage of increased amino acid uptake (PRO synthesis), increased muscle glycogen storage, increase muscle tissue repair, and removal of metabolic waste.

Suggested foods:
16oz low fat chocolate milk YUM!
Fruit Smoothie: 1/2c low fat milk + 1c orange juice + 1/2c fresh strawberries + 1 scoop (15g) whey PRO
16oz sports drink + 1 scoop (15g) whey PRO
2 slices bread + 2TBL PB + 2TBL jelly
2 granola bars + 10oz low fat milk

  • Recovery Phase II:  Post-Workout Meal. Eat within 1-3 hours after the conclusion of your training session. Consume a well-balanced, nutritious meal with slow-absorbing (low-moderate glycemic) CHO, lean PRO, healthy fats, and plentiful fruits and veggies. Optimal nutrition timed correctly helps you recover faster from the training stress, helps performance on subsequent training bouts, and helps improve body composition by building more lean muscle and retaining less body fat.

Again, DON’T WASTE YOUR WORKOUT. Optimize your Nutrition. Optimize your Performance.

These idiots pass out for a totally different reason but funny none-the-less.

Short and sweet

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It’s 2014. Are you ready to be a healthier and stronger version of yourself?

Our latest installment from the Devilgirl is the practical application of our strength and conditioning training we do at Raw Fitness Performance. One of my favorite sayings is “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.” I have been drilling this quote into my client’s heads lately, to be strong is to be useful. Being strong “will prepare you for almost anything life could throw at you, from carrying a piano upstairs or holding your own in a street fight.” Those may be extreme examples, so what about everyday activities like moving furniture, carrying groceries up or down stairs, shoveling snow, or in Dargus’s case, schlepping through knee high grass carrying a 12 gauge shotgun weighing about 20 lbs for hours on end hunting pheasant? Yup, strength is the basis of all good things in life. It unlocks such potential; no other mode of training can equal its incredible benefits. At least that’s what I know to be true. I ask you this, Wouldn’t you rather be harder to kill AND more useful?


The Devilgirl

A-hunting we will go….

This year I spent the Thanksgiving holiday tromping through farmland in Miller, South Dakota, for some world-renown pheasant hunting and bonding with my pops and little brother. Relearning to shoot, an activity I’d probably done twice in the last decade, despite coming from a hunting family and learning to do so by age 5, was disheartening and exhilarating simultaneously. I had naively thought I’d be a hot shot from day one; show those boys a thing or two. Ha! While I managed to bag the second highest number of birds in our party, I did so on day five of the hunt and several hundreds of dollars’ worth of ammo later, as my father made clear.

Photo of suspicious origin

My dad shot a bird on our first excursion out together. I had gleefully posed with its carcass and sent the pic off to my boyfriend, to which I received an “atta girl” in response. In my crazy optimism, I’d justified sending the falsified evidence in that I’d have my own by nightfall… And I recommitted myself to that same task for the next two days straight, until I finally came clean that it hadn’t in fact been my kill. By the time I actually shot a pheasant, I was as surprised as anyone, having resigned myself to going home empty-handed, in an effort to minimize expectations and enjoy myself without a looming sense of failure.

You see, I do not handle learning curves gracefully, so my first morning of slaying only two clay pigeons in a skeet-shoot of probably 20+ was especially aggravating. Papa had to remind me that I was learning a new skill from scratch (I had only ever shot rifles prior, without the heft and buck of a 12-gauge over under Browning). Also, despite Dad’s coaching on where to properly mount the gun on my shoulder/pec to best absorb the gun’s kick, it was near impossible for me to align it without grazing the oh-so-delicate skin of my inner upper arms. Why? Because: boobs and extra padding in the affected area. Well, that, and my admitted tendency toward panic during flushes.

Me and the real huntresses, Tara and Katie! 

Some basic mechanics of our operation: We would spread out lengthwise across a slough filled with anywhere from knee- to waist-high grass and send the dogs ahead to root the nesting pheasants out and get ‘em in the air.  By the second set of birds flushed, I’d only managed to take off the gun’s safety.  The flurry of activity—birds fleeing, dogs going apeshit, shouts of “rooster” to delineate the males from their off-limits counterparts, Dad shooting—was all not something I’d not steeled myself against. The frenzy was unsettling, but it did help me determine a need to practice from a neutral stance, not aimed and at the ready as I had been in the a.m. I was glad my little brother had yet to arrive, so I could flail with a little dignity. But I had to limit my skeet shooting so I wouldn’t develop a flinch. I didn’t want to psych myself out of a competitive stance when there were actual birds to be had, after all. So while I would have doubled down my efforts and practiced incessantly prior to Danny’s arrival, I couldn’t. Besides, as Jane taught me, it doesn’t pay to practice poor form.


Why Amazonians were known for self-mutilation.

When we had gone into town to finally retrieve little bro and apply for his hunting license, I sought out a recoil harness as a last resort to mitigate some of the buck my arm was absorbing with purpling results. Dad had already generously offered his less jarring Benelli semi automatic for my use; however, as a left-eyed shot, its right-handed safety configuration was not ideal. Never fear, Cabella’s had one shotgun harness in-stock! …But wouldn’t you know they don’t carry the lefties in-store? Best suck it up, Dargus.

The day before I got my birds, I was physically beat. One of my last shots had hit me square in my bruise, which had been growing steadily. I cried. (There’s no crying in hunting!) Hot damn, did it sting. I was overtired, my hamstrings and hip flexors were sore from wading through the grass, and my arms ached from schlepping the shotgun for hours. So that night I resolved to shower up, do some yoga, and head to bed early. Unsurprisingly, I woke up limber and a much happier camper in general. And then I shot two pheasants for the first time ever. Self care, kids, it’s no joke.


Not messing around!

A huge part of my self care was training with Jano prior to the trip. That shotgun, very nearly the same length as my person, was heavy. And, it only got heavier entering our fourth slough of the day. I couldn’t rest it in such a way that hindered me from drawing it quickly, as the birds only stayed within range for a matter of seconds. And I couldn’t tire my arms so that I was unable to aim proper and brace for the recoil, either. For that, I was thankful to Raw Fitness Performance and Jane. Whereas my trunk was fine, albeit tired, from all the walking, carrying the gun was admittedly challenging the first few days.

I wish I remembered more about my actual kills. I do remember that I was doubtful either were mine, before receiving verbal confirmation from the fam. All the fun was in learning how to hunt, turns out.  That and the excited anticipation for what an untouched slough may hold. Sure, my ego was assuaged when I got my first and then second bird. And yeah, it was satisfying to check my frozen pheasants in the girliest cooler bag I could find for the flight home. But I learned something new and useful while proving to myself I was capable of doing so; and both are better souvenirs than the “Big Cock Country” hat I snagged at the Sioux Falls airport.


If it doesn’t challenge you…..

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….it won’t change you. A fitting quote for Dargus as you’ll read in a moment. Changing unhealthy behaviors and habits that have been embedded into our everyday lives are HARD TO CHANGE. I am sure everyone has wanted to change something at some point in their life and yet fell short. Why? Because habits, good or bad, are just that, habits. They are comfortable. Familiar. And easy.

Dargus has been challenged as of late. Life is messy and unpredictable and not always a straight path. But she is continually striving to make healthier choices and although sometimes she slips back into the “comfort”  of her old habits, she pushes forward. Once she overcomes these challenges, she will  be changed, forever.

Anyhoo, here’s the latest from our Devilgirl. Enjoy.


Dear Raw Fitness readers,

I have a confession to make. Though I promised to lay my journey out there for all to see, I’ve been rather tight-lipped in the last month due to less than ideal compliance with my goals. Rationalizations I’ve used to explain away the guilt of piss poor performance in the last month:

Family wedding! (read: race Dad to eat all the miniature cakes before they close down the dessert bar)

Halloween! (read: fun-sized loses all meaning if you down seven in a sitting)

Holidays! (read: Pumpkin, mulled, or otherwise spiced? Mostly just sugar and added calories, turns out)

Job uncertainty! (read: shame/guilt spiral of eating one’s feelings in a perceived crisis)

New relationship! (read: Oh, goodie, I’m apparently an equal opportunist when it comes to eating feelings, be they good or bad)

Luckily, I’ve had Jane on my ass throughout. With loving sternness, she’s there to question my motives, “Are you sure you want this enough?” Which leads to defensive doubling down of efforts on my end, for a limited extension time, till any of the above is called upon to ease my mind.

While I’m grateful this is all coming up prior the gluttonous holidays that approach, I’m recognizing that I’ll be reintroduced to indulgences I’ve granted myself previously, in this first year, especially. Luckily, I’ve got y’all and sado Jano to report to this go-around.

What I’ve learned is this: It does little good to hold off accountability, or food logging in this case, till the end of a weekend or splurge. If I want to stay on top of my numbers and not backtrack on into New Year’s resolutions, I need to log as I go. When I don’t, I rarely recall the errant cookie or soda or snack that may pass my lips absentmindedly (mindlessly), and I don’t get an idea of calories already consumed. Before I know it, all allowable foodstuffs are inhaled prior to dinner (I’m looking at you boozy Saturday brunch jams), and I’m blissfully none the wiser. You see, I’ve told myself that I’m mentally cataloging everything, only to get a demoralizing shock come Monday. Not a way to start the week in general: Hellllo guilt/shame breakfast, sure I’ll have a helping of pity party pastry. And, the cycle continues…

So, fellow waist warriors, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m finding this challenging. But, I’m also learning a lot about my prior habits as I go, which informs decisions I want to make for myself moving forward. Awareness can be the catalyst to change, after all. I just need to stop plugging my conscious mind and “la la laaaing” through more than my share of dessert (or dessert-flavored beverages).

Much love,


The Devilgirl’s making progress!

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Here’s the latest installment of Laura Dargus’s journey to better health and fitness. The Devilgirl is making progress towards her goals of improving her body composition, changing lifestyle habits and choices, and generally gaining a better awareness of how to balance fun with fitness. She has reduced her BF%, weight, and ALL circumference measures in 2 months!!! All great stuff!!!

Weight (lbs)

Body Fat %

Chest (in)

Waist (in)

Hips (in)

Thighs (in)








2013-Aug 12







2013-Oct 8















The take away for her, at this point, is it is REALLY HARD WORK. And she is exactly right. It takes commitment, resilience, dedication and focus, to keep grinding away towards your goal(s). THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES. There are no short cuts. There is no magic pill or food or 6 week program for the results you want, despite what we read on the internet or in those rag fitness mags.

In a few short minutes a day, you can lose those unsightly inches from your inner thighs!

If it were THAT easy, we wouldn’t have 65-75% of our population overweight or obese. It is a ferocious commitment to hard work, consistent training, optimal nutrition, and a constant mindfulness of making good choices that move you closer and closer to living a healthy and happy life!

The Devilgirl:

It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you are tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired.

When tasked with summarizing my fitness journey thus far, I was reminded of one of Jane’s favorite quotes above. Because altering some of your most fundamental behaviors, stuff you do every day without thinking about it: eating, sleeping, and moving, is a bitch. The facts of the matter are this: I’ve got some habits, habits that derail me regularly from my goals, and not just the physical ones. My choices of fuel intake versus the quantity of energy I expend in relation to rest taken, effect my ability to function overall. I have years’ worth of maladaptive stress management, coping mechanisms that are defeatist to the core. You know what I can’t afford to do when I fall short on a given day? Indulge further. The AA mantra of “one day at a time” implies; although, for the lifestyle alterer, I’d recommend taking it one hour at a time. Just because I boozed it up at lunch and maybe had a burger, too, doesn’t mean I can go gonzo for dinner, on top of things. I mean, I could, but I’m only setting myself farther back.

I’ve had a manic fall, with more life events than I normally care to experience condensed into one month’s time. The difference from other tough times was this: I didn’t eat my feelings. I continued to exercise at times when I wished to deprioritize my workouts. Here’s the rub: I still fell short of the 30 min. a day/six days a week Jane and I had originally agreed upon. And had (many) days in which I strayed from a 1,800 calorie, 55% carb/25% fat/20% protein ratio. But my choices did incrementally improve. I look at my week-to-week progress and actually see something that could be qualified as such. Jane reminds me that we’re aiming for 90% compliance to 10% indulgence. I’m admittedly at 70%/30% (and Jano may have a separate assessment on those figures).

In the last weeks, when I knew every bite logged would be scrutinized by Jane, and when I knew these numbers chronicling my progress would see the light of day, I made far different choices than I’ve made in the past. It is duly noted that some amount of self love is still in order, if I can be more accountable to others than myself.  In the past, I’ve thought of working out in short-term spurts before some event and losing weight as crash dieting. “If I can get through x no. of days, I’ll miraculously be at my ideal form forever forward”—having changed exactly zero habits that would insure long term success in maintaining. My fitness overhaul is definitely going to be a marathon, not a sprint. If I were defeated with every misstep thus far, I would have given up (as I’ve had multiple times in the past) already.





Oktoberfest 5k Team RFP!

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Thank you again to all who participated in this Sunday’s Cambridge 5k Oktoberfest!! We had a great showing despite the miserable rainy weather. Congrats to Shauna Goodwin and Kenny Pefine, our top team finishers, with times of 23:57 and 24:22 respectively. Thanks to everyone’s gritty effort, Team RFP placed 54th overall out of 76 teams running!! Yeah Team RFP!!! On a personal note, I finally cracked the 10 min/mile mark running the 5k in 29:22.  Not blazing speed, grant you, but an improvement from my Freedom Run 5k time of 32:35. May I remind everyone I am the oldest on the team, so this should be very impressive:)

Thanks Diane, Dan A., Court, Alanna, and Jen! Missing from the photo, Kenny, Shauna, and the picture taker, Dan G. Who’s up for the Yulefest 5k???? Here’s the info, just in case….



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  • 3 months of Small Group Training classes, 2x per week for 12 weeks
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    • Body composition:  Weight, body fat %, and 5 site circumference measures
  • A  Strength and Conditioning program to help you reach your desired health and fitness goals, reassessed after 6 weeks
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We want you to feel better, move better, look better, and live better!

Email today to get started on a healthier and happier you!!

Raw Bites: Speaking of sleep…..

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Raw Bites blog, but in lieu of the Devilgirl’s post the other day, here’s something to chew on. How to “Engineer High Quality Sleep”……

Getting enough sleep is critical to making gains in performance which ultimately leads to reaching your desired goals. I get made fun of OFTEN at the nightly ritual of lights out between 9-9:30pm, which has been the routine for most of my working and professional life. When the alarm goes off at 5am, I am in much better spirits if I have gotten at least 7 hrs of sleep. Anything less than that, and we are just begging for a grumpy, tired, and non-alert human being. In this line of work, no client wants to come and train with GI Jano if she is sleep deprived. Trust me. Not to mention when it comes time to do my own training, I want to have the energy, both physically AND mentally, to get the job done.

Is this you?


Or this?

sleep cat

Anyhoo, enjoy the article!