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Semi-Private Training- we are now VIRTUAL!!
























Semi-Private Training is GREAT option for those looking for personalized programming and coaching at an affordable price. Whether your goal is fat loss, training for an upcoming event, rehabbing an injury, or just wanting more individualized attention, consider Semi-Private Training. A small group of 2-6 individuals still provides the opportunity for personalized coaching and programming while maximizing your time and money to get the results FASTER than if you worked out on your own.

  • All Semi-Private clients receive an initial consultation to discuss health and fitness history.

  • All Semi-Private clients get a program tailored to meet specific goals, needs, and equipment availability. 

We believe our training and coaching should be accessible, affordable,

and sustainable financially for EVERYONE.

Get FASTER results with the help a proven coach who has over 30 years of success

helping clients achieve their goals!

Please contact us to get your initial appointment scheduled NOW.


“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” ~Vince Lombardi


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