Virtual training

We are continuing to offer Virtual classes with our Hybrid schedule. Now we can stream right into your living room with the use of the online platform Zoom.​ How psyched are you?

We understand how difficult it is right now to keep up your fitness, so let us help. You'll get the same top notch coaching you've come to expect at Raw Fitness Performance, with modifications provided so all levels and abilities can participate.

Choose from:

  1. Rise & Lift - You need a weight of some kind, could be a dumbbell, kettlebell, or maybe you've created a "sandbag" by stuffing a backpack with some weight. (that'll work)

  2. Master the Basics with Band & Bodyweight - You need your one amazing body and one resistance band.  

Join us “live” or do the workout of your choice on your own time (links to the recorded workout are emailed to you after the class is complete.) Class link expires in 48 hours. Classes are $15 each.








201R Msgr O'Brien Hwy

Cambridge, MA 02141


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