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"I have honestly never felt stronger in my life than I do now. I’ve been training with Jane at RFP for about nine months now, and I love how I feel. When I started at RFP I wasn’t able to do a single push-up, and now I’m averaging 30 push-ups (with proper form!) per workout. Jane completely proves it’s complete nonsense that women shouldn’t lift heavy weights. It only makes you stronger and closer to achieving your goals. Jane has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and expertise, and her passion for health, wellness and fitness is evident during each workout. She customizes exercise plans, and she really pushes you to achieve your goals. Exercising even becomes fun! You will obtain the results you want by training with Jane at RFP. The workouts are tough, and I am often sore, but I keep coming back! I know I’ve made significant progress in the last nine months since training with Jane, and this is only the beginning for me!”

Jen D. Small Group Training Client since May 2013


“I joined Raw Fitness in Sept 2013. This is my first experience with small group training and I love it. I’ve belonged to various health clubs over the years and just plugged along with treadmill and stairmaster workouts with throwing a few weights around afterward. I didn’t have much focus on what I was doing. Jane’s knowledge, enthusiasm and focus are tremendous for motivation. Each workout means something and the increase in my strength and stamina was measurable within a short period of time. Classes are structured for every level of fitness so no need to feel intimidated and Jane knows how to get you going and get you results. I’ve gone from being bored with my hum-drum workouts from previous gyms to being excited for each and every class with Jane.”

Diane F. Small Group Training Client since Sept 2013


“Last September (2009) I decided to make a change and adopt a healthy lifestyle and get fit, to do this I KNEW I needed help. I was asked what I wanted in a personal trainer and I was looking for someone who was knowledgeable and tough. I had no idea what that actually meant until I worked with Jane Taylor. Jane’s passion for health and fitness is apparent in every session through the diverse and always challenging workouts. Jane has been able to push me when I didn’t think I could be pushed any further. Jane’s belief in setting goals and providing you with the knowledge and a plan to achieve those goals is a credit to her experience and expertise. In the years I have been working with Jane, she has constantly adopted my regime to fit my ever improving fitness level while also providing the support and encouragement that makes this process dare I say…easier….but never easy. Her dedicated approach has assisted me in achieving results that I could never have imagined. Jane has provided me with the gift of knowledge to stay healthy and fit, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Lisa T. Personal Training Client since 2009


“I have known Jane for longer than 20 years and I think I was her first informal training client when I was 25. She gave me a work plan and within 6 months my body had totally changed for the better. Jane’s knowledge and level of expertise has expanded significantly since then and she is now, hands down the best trainer I know of out there. She doesn’t believe in the quick fix or fads – but she does know all about them (in case you need to debate the issue). She is focused, educated, fun and completely personalized. She sticks with you through thick and thin and will always provide the support you need to stay focused. Now, I’m a 48 year old mother of two dealing with a whole different set of issues than when we first met at 25. Regardless, Jane is on it and my body won’t change quite as fast as it did when I was in my twenties, but I know I’m in good hands. I’ve bought into her “magic bean” of health and fitness and I would recommend that if you are focused and ready to work hard, Jane and Raw Fitness Performance is the trainer and gym for you.”

Virginia D. Private and Small Group Training Client


“…took her job very seriously and inspired her staff to embrace all facets of the program she/they taught. She has a great ability to jumpstart athletes on the training floor, by connecting with each athlete, regardless of age or ability allowing them to reach their athletic potential. Coach Taylor is an outstanding strength and conditioning coach. She is highly knowledgeable and educated in the area of strength and conditioning.”

Ron G. Owner of Velocity Sports Performance


"I have had many trainers and coaches in my life and you by far exceed all of them in your knowledge. I can honestly say that you are one of the smartest people I have ever worked with.”

Jenna G. Hartford University Women’s Basketball Player


“I think you do such an amazing job with these kids. You are so clearly invested in their development and growth as athletes and as young adults. You are patient, kind, demanding, and at the same time understanding.”

Sarah M. Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach, Dartmouth College


I am down 66lbs! I weigh less than I have in 8 years. I am 3-4 sizes smaller then I was then because of resistance training. My entire family has jumped on board and changed their habits. My 17 year old stepson has lost around 80lbs and my 12 year old son is more active and has changed his eating habits. I wanted to thank you for the advice and the motivation you’ve given me. I remember that one talk we had on my way out of spin class. I hadn’t lost any weight for a long time and I was getting really discouraged. I would say that talk was the turning point for me. There are people along the way who change your life. You are certainly one of those people.”

Carol M. Staff Accountant, Healthworks Corporate Office

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