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Training floor procedures and policies


Thank you for observing these policies. We want you to enjoy your time at Raw Fitness Performance
and appreciate your business. Have a great workout!!


Be Prepared.

Please arrive 10-15 MIN before your scheduled training time to store personal tems in office so you are ready to go at scheduled time!


Before your workout begins...

...let me know if you have an injury or specific modification so appropriate changes can be given.


Begin warmup on own...

...with foam rolling or stick work to improve flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injury.


Attitude... a constant positive state of mind. Experience often shows that success is due less to ability than attitude. 


Do all exercises correctly

Proper form and technique are PARAMOUNT to a safe and effective training program. Don’t cheat for the sake of handling more weight.


Use collars...

...on ALL BARBELLS with at least 1 plate per side. Train safe.


Workout with intensity and concentration.

You reap what you sow. 


Eat well and get enough sleep.

Without proper nutrition and rest, your body will not be able to recover from the stresses of training negatively affecting progress.


No food,drink or cell phones.

Only H2O allowed on Training Floor.


Bring clean, dry shoes.

During INCLEMENT WEATHER, help us keep the training environment SAFE by bringing a CLEAN, DRY PAIR OF SHOES for your training. 

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