OK party people, here’s the latest. Beginning Tuesday, June 25th 6am GI Jano Bootcamp will be MOVING from it’s training grounds along the Charles River in Boston, to its new home in the hopping, up and coming location of East Cambridge!! Not to worry though, the content of the Bootcamp will NOT be changing. We will still be scaling walls, conquering playgrounds, climbing trees etc. We will just be exploring new and cool areas in the North Point and Paul Revere Parks!  For those of you not familiar with GI Jano Bootcamp, it is unlike any other “boot camp” you have done before.

GI Jano Bootcamp IS CONDUCTED OUTSIDE USING THE ENVIRONMENT AS OUR PLAYGROUND where we step, lunge, squat, jump, climb, push, pull….. Whatever the environment has to offer. You’d be amazed at what a fantastic workout you can get without equipment. This is 60 minutes of dynamic and motivational training that combines strength and conditioning in a safe, fun, and challenging format where you are encouraged to work within your own ability level. This type of training is scientifically proven to be one of the MOST effective ways to lose weight, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and improve overall fitness. 

Cargo net inverted rows.

Rock muscle-up.

So here’s the skinny:

GI Jano Boot Camp @ East Cambridge

Where:  We will meet at Raw Fitness Performance

When: Beginning Tuesday, June 25, every Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-7:00am, RAIN OR SHINE! If you are thinking comfy, warm, dry, then you might want to think about yoga instead OR check out our Small Group Training schedule. This is BOOTCAMP, which means, toughen up.

Cost: 8 sessions per month x $12 each=$96
Drop-in fee=$20/session (need to pay at time of participation)

Sounds like your cup of tea? Contact me for more information.

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